Bernal Heights

Welcome to Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights is known for its’ local neighborhood fan base who love the quirky village feel of this quaint residential neighborhood nestled through the hillsides crowned on its’ hilltop by Bernal Heights Park, a vast 30-acre open space and haven for dog lovers due to its’ open leash policy. From here, there are stunning Noe Valley, Downtown and Golden Gate Bridge views spanning all the way to Marin. Recently renovated, families flock to the new playgrounds of Holly Park and Precita Park to picnic and play.

Known for it’s an off-beat artistic and bohemian vibe, Cortland Boulevard, as it’s main drag features unique independent homey shops, specialty grocers, delicious cafes and a local library. The neighborhood throws an annual village garage sale, derby and hosts festivals throughout the year.

Historically divided into Mexican ranches it became dairy farms tended by the Irish becoming more populated after the 1906 earthquake as people who had lost their homes settled “up” onto the hills and again after World War II when the China Basin workforce moved in.

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